Our Programs

Norfolk Street Child Care Centre offers an online programming structure. Our online portal provides educators with the opportunity to use faster and more efficient practices in documenting children’s learning – allowing more time to be spent with the children!

It allows families the opportunity to be more involved and to have a much clearer idea of what exactly their child is learning throughout the day. Currently we are using Educa and more information can be found by clicking here http://educa.com.au/.

Here at Norfolk Street Child Care Centre we believe in collaborating with families to implement a holistic program catered to individual children’s needs, interests and developmental abilities. We currently implement a music and sports program once a month for the children as well as incorporate Indigenous Perspectives, Sustainability practices and a Library Program in all age groups to enhance the children’s understandings of the world around them.

All educators are fully qualified and adhere to the Federal, State and Council government requirements for programming and practice.